February 19, 2009

Yuri Sucart, A Rod's Cousin Found in Miami

The soap, er, dope opera continues:

Yuri Sucart, A Rod's Cousin Found in Miami


Yuri Sucart has been identified by ESPN as the cousin whom Alex Rodriguez claims repeatedly injected him with performance-enhancing drugs during his tenure with the Texas Rangers.

A-Rod held a news conference on Tuesday in which he answered questions regarding his admission of using PED. He said that his cousin, whom he would not identify by name, provided and injected him with "boli," a drug popular in the Dominican Republic. A-Rod said that he was injected with
Yuri Sucart, A-Rod's PED-Injecting Cousin, Located in Miami
the drug about twice a month during the three seasons he played with the Rangers.

When A-Rod was asked to identify Yuri Sucart by name, he refused.

"I'd rather not get into who my cousin is. I'm here to stand front and center and take the blame, because I am responsible for this. He basically took an instruction from me and felt he was doing something that was going to be helpful, not hurtful," said Rodriguez, according to ESPN.

A-Rod's attempt to protect the identity of Yuri Sucart, however, was utterly unsuccessful. According to ESPN, Yuri Sucart's wife, Carmen, confirmed that Yuri Sucart is the cousin whom A-Rod spoke about at the news conference. Yuri Sucart himself, however, could not be reached for comment.

But one has to wonder just how determined A-Rod really was in wanting to protect Yuri Sucart's identity. Why didn't he just say that it was a friend or acquaintance who acted as his accomplice in using PED? Why add any specificity? By saying that it was his cousin, however, he gave investigative reporters a huge lead, and that lead rather quickly led to the identification of Yuri Sucart.

Of course, this is no way proves that A-Rod wanted to deflect some of the blame onto Yuri Sucart or to suggest, if you will, that Yuri Sucart was his PED enabler. A-Rod might have just been careless when he identified the man who repeatedly injected him with "boli" as being his cousin.

Yuri Sucart, A Rod's Cousin Found in Miami

Posted at February 19, 2009 1:01 PM