May 24, 2009

VIDEO: Does Resveratrol Work? Latest Updates

latest news on the possible miracle drug

VIDEO: Does Resveratrol Work? Latest Updates

Resveratrol was the topic on 60 Minutes again tonight. Resveratrol has been described as a naturally occurring component of red wine that can extend human life and become a miracle drug. On 60 Minutes Dr. Christoph Wesphal talked about Resveratrol and whether it works.

Laboratory tests have clearly demonstrated that resveratrol may help prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer. However, there are several reasons why recommending a population-wide increase would be premature.

* First, little is known about the absorption and clearance of resveratrol, the identities of its metabolic products, or its effects on the liver [5]. A study in rats showed that resveratrol is absorbed in the gut and has a high affinity for the heart and liver [13,14].
* Second, the research on resveratrol has focused on its short-term effects [2] and has been dominated by in vitro studies on non-human models.
* Third, its role as a potentiator of breast carcinomas may significantly limit its use, even for its "proven" benefits.
* Finally, its main dietary source is red wine. Not only is its concentration in wine extremely variable, but recommending increased consumption of red wine to boost resveratrol intake could certainly do more harm than good. In spite of any beneficial aspects, red wine and other alcoholic beverages pose health risks that include liver damage and physical addiction.

The health-food industry is claiming that resveratrol is the wine component responsible for the "French Paradox." While taking resveratrol pills is certainly safer than heavy consumption of red wine, supplementing with unproven substances is generally unwise. At this point, occasional use of red wine seems far more prudent.

This is interesting... But first we need to know the details on this like dosage, side effects etc. Watch the video of Resveratrol 60 Minutes below.

VIDEO: Does Resveratrol Work? Latest Updates

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