December 8, 2009

Hire a Celebrity For Your Party

Gone are the days when you could simply hire a slightly creepy man in a clown costume, or take the kids to Chuck E Cheese when their birthday comes around. Nowadays when you really want an A-List shindig, you have to hire a celebrity for your party.

The price for a celebrity drop in caries widely. A small-time starlet that used to be bigger, like Jessica Simpson, might run you $50,00 or so, whereas a top tier star like Mariah Carey could cost millions just to show her face. This trend was satirized on the pitch-perfect Hollywood insider comedy Entourage, where Vinnie Chase took a big paycheck to show up at a rich young girl's party. As a blogger, maybe I can jockey for a $20 cameo? I'm on the internet, that counts!

Hire a Celebrity For Your Party

Who's making a guest appearance at your private New Year's Eve party this year? Elton John, Robin Williams or will you settle for Tara Reid? That all depends on your wallet and the value of your guest's star stock. In the thriving rent-a-celebrity business, the price tag for having a celeb drop by is a telling barometer of who's hot and who's not....

Hire a Celebrity For Your Party

Posted at December 8, 2009 4:33 AM

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