December 8, 2009

91 White House Breaches: Yikes!

The story of the Salahi couple weaseling their way into the White House dinner has scandalized DC, but according to government reports this is far from the first time security has been breached this way. In fact the Secret Service reports 91 White House breaches before thiis one.

The previous security breaches happened for a variety of reasons, with various White House visitors finding a way past initial checkpoints, but reportedly they were discovered before they actually had contact with the president in each of the previous breaches. So the Salahis were not the first, but they are the best. Or the worst. Almost certainly the most irritating.

91 White House Breaches

The media spotlight has focused on the brash couple who recently managed to attend a White House state dinner, but a U.S. Secret Service training document details 91 breaches of security between 1980 and 2003. Secret Service spokesman Edwin Donovan confirmed the existence of the internal report, which was first disclosed in the Washington Post on Monday...

91 White House Breaches

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