May 24, 2009

VIDEO: Taylor Swift & John Mayer, Live Duets in LA!

John Mayer shocks the Taylor Swift audience with a surprise cameo, luckily captured on video. Young people are luck to have camera phones nowadays, they never have to miss anything...

VIDEO: Taylor Swift & John Mayer "Your Body Is A Wonderland" and "White Horse"

Taylor Swift surprised the audience by having John Mayer come and perform with her at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on May 22, 2009 for Taylor's Fearless Tour.

Singer John Mayer has more than 135,000 followers on Twitter, the free online blogging service that he uses to keep fans updated on his up-to-the-minute happenings. Over the weekend, website Country Music Is Love reports that he piqued the interest of his fans -- and fans of Taylor Swift -- with this "tweet":

"Waking up to this song idea that won't leave my head. 3 days straight now. That means it's good enough to finish. It's called 'Half of My Heart' and I want to sing it with Taylor Swift. She would make a killer [Stevie] 'Nicks' in contrast to my 'Tom [Petty]" of a song."

Swift gave her own shout-out to Mayer on her Twitter page today: "Listening to 'Comfortable' by John Mayer."

The P word (pandemonium) broke out Friday night at Staples Center in Los Angeles when John Mayer took the stage to sing two duets with Taylor Swift.

Fans alternated between screaming and singing along. It was one of the greatest moments in live music history, perhaps the greatest moment of human civilizaation. Da Vinci would weep for his inadequacy.

Below is a video capture of the duo singing "White Horse" and Your Body is a Wonderland"

VIDEO: Taylor Swift & John Mayer "Your Body Is A Wonderland"

VIDEO: Taylor Swift & John Mayer "White Horse"

VIDEO: Taylor Swift & John Mayer "White Horse"

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