June 2, 2009

Brooks Perlin, Katie Couric's Boyfriend?

Wow this is boring. Did you really google this? I mean, not judging or anything. WE each have our guilty pleasures. Forget I said all that, my bad.

Brooks Perlin, Katie Couric's Boyfriend?

Katie Couric indirectly referenced Brooks Perlin, her 35-year-old boyfriend, while giving the annual Class Day address at Princeton University on Monday, reports US magazine. You can see a picture of Brooks Perlin here.

In a clear reference to Brooks Perlin, Katie Couric said, "I've been called a cougar lately ... but today ... I'm very happy to be an honorary Tiger instead!" (Couric was referring to the school
Brooks Perlin Referenced by Girlfriend Katie Couric During Speech at Princeton

In addition to giving something of a shout out to her younger boyfriend Brooks Perlin, Katie Couric also managed to poke fun at Alaska Governor - and former vice presidential candidate - Sarah Palin. "Coming here was a real no brainer! After all, I can see New Jersey from my house!" said Couric to the crowd.

Of course, Katie Couric wasn't implying that she looks or acts like a ferocious jungle cat (though she might behind closed doors) when she said that she's been called a cougar lately. She if referring to the term as it is used in the dating world, relating to her boyfriend Brooks Perlin

Brooks Perlin, Katie Couric's Boyfriend?

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