December 1, 2009

Rachel Uchitel and Steven Ehrenkranz Split, After Four Months of Marriage

Rachel Uchitel, the woman rumored to be seeing Tiger Woods in the affair that led to a marital spat the night of his car crash, is getting far more scrutiny into her relationship history than anyone could ever want. And among the chapters in her life story are two marriages of her own that sadly did not last.

Uchitel has been linked to many celebrities including David Boreanaz, Alex Rodriguez and Derek and Derek Jeter, in addition to Tiger Woods. But she was first seen by the public in the aftermath of 9/11, in photos that captured her grief over the loss of her husband in the World Trade Center attack. And more recently Rachel Uchitel married Steven Ehrenkranz, only to split up after just four months of marriage.

Rachel Uchitel and Steven Ehrenkranz Split, After Four Months of Marriage

Rachel married Wall Street trader Steven Ehrenkranz in 2004, however they split after four months. She was also engaged to investment banker Andy O'Grady, who sadly later died in 9/11 attacks. According to the National Enquirer she first met Tiger, in June at Manhattan's Griffin nightclub. They then began having an affair...

Rachel Uchitel and Steven Ehrenkranz Split, After Four Months of Marriage

Posted at December 1, 2009 4:14 PM

Rachel is a sweetty. Her husband was lost in the world trade center by the Bushes. Give the girl and Tiger Woods some peace. Not many people can beat the Bushes, Bill Clinton could not. All Ross Perot did was threaten Vice President Bush, and call him a rabbit. Rachel must be a special woman as Ester in the Bible, and Mary Magdelene in the Bible. God has a plan for all his children, so be kind to Tiger Woods, Elin Woods, and Rachel.

Posted by: Norman Brinker at December 4, 2009 2:27 PM

She's a money grabbing home wrecker. Bimbo.Hoochie Mama. Annual income is the first thing on her mind when she meets a guy.

Posted by: dave at December 4, 2009 3:18 PM

Yes Norman, God has a plan for all his children, so be kind to all the people including George Bush. And by the way, you sound a little dilusional, blaming Bush for 9/11. Do you remember that there were 7 terrorist attacks under Clinton's administration and nothing was done including the at the WTC? There was one under President Bush's early administration and no more after that. Rachel must not be a nice person if she doesn't mind being a home wrecker time after time. Please be kind.

Posted by: Debbie Barnes at December 4, 2009 3:29 PM

Good on ya Debbie (As they say down under).It's about time these gold diggers be held in low esteem when they jump in the sack with married men with a payday in mind. It's all about the money grab...Rachel...and Gloria Alrad.....too bad Tiger fell for it. Unfortunately most, not all of us guys would. We are wired that way. It takes great faith and morals to avoid the temptation. I hope Tiger and Elin can pull this marriage out of the ditch.

Posted by: dave at December 4, 2009 3:46 PM

You are delussional Madame Barnes,since we went to war in Iraq their has been thousands of terrorist attacks against our american troops. They succeeded in their attack on the WTC by suckering us into going abroad where they could attack and cause mayhem on our troops and the Iraqi citizens. Fortunately we have prevented casualties at home but abroad is where they wanted us and they have committed their terrorism on us and whoever was in the way of their insane acts under the guise of their religious jihad.

Posted by: Anonymous at December 4, 2009 4:00 PM

I am sure there must be a special plan for this woman, BUTT she has decided to be a bed hopping gold-digger instead! Somehow I don't recall any woman in the Bible that meets this citeria. . . She should go to a vocational school & learn to make money of her own & stop taking someone else's man or his money

Posted by: Roberto at December 4, 2009 4:28 PM

Go Roberto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Norman, yes there were indeed whores in the Bible and Jusus loved them the same...however they were still whores. Anonymous-your Obomanation is leding us to anarchy. You'd best stock up on beans and bullets.
If you think Bush didn't keep your candy ass safe on US soil, just wait my friend.

Posted by: dave at December 4, 2009 5:15 PM

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