January 13, 2010

Tiger and Free Cadillacs: No More

Tiger Woods' life has been filled with strife ever since he crashed his Cadillac late last year, and now the company that gave him that Cadillac is asking for it back, along with the other cars he got for free.

Tiger had had a deal with General Motors that let him have several Cadillacs for free, and though the deal ended earlier in the year GM let him keep the new cars. Now tough, GM has changed their mind and asked for their property back, since they're not as excited about being associated with the Woodster.

The car sponsorship is one of many deals that once made Tiger the most sought-after spokesperson, raking in hundreds of millions for endorsements along with free products like these Cadillacs. Now he may have to buy a new car for himself just like everyone else. And new golf clubs, too.

Tiger and Free Cadillacs

The disgraced ace golfer Tiger Woods lost a number of sponsorship deals since the infamous Thanksgiving accident. And now comes the ultimate disgrace, because he has to return the free Cadillacs. Tiger Woods had a deal with General Motors that the company would supply him with free Cadillacs. This deal ended way back in 2008, but the General Motors still allowed him to keep the vehicles...

Tiger and Free Cadillacs

Posted at January 13, 2010 5:20 PM