January 13, 2010

Eyeball Tattoo Trend: Yuck!

Trends come and go, but your nausea will be here to stay after you ponder the new trend among the hip kids: eyeball tattoos!

Doctors are able to to corneal tattoos in a safe way, though goodness knows why anyone would ask for it. But apparently there is a trend of people who are not doctors trying to do eyeball tattoos on their own, which is utterly unthinkable. This was actually witnessed in a recent episode of the MSNBC prison show Lockup, where real life prisoners were seen tattooing there eyes a solid color, using information they had downloaded from the internet. The prison did not look kindly on this experiment, and neither did the other inmates actually

So for anyone considering a homemade eyeball tattoo, just consider you are undertaking an experiment that turned out to be too freaky for hardcore prison inmates.And then ponder the excruciatingly painful eye surgery that one must assume will be coming a few months later

Eyeball Tattoo Trend: Yuck!

If you think tattoos are so over, you've got another thing coming. The latest in permanent ink? Tats on your eyeball. That's right - a sharp stick in the eye. When doctors do it, it's called corneal tattooing; but when perfectly healthy folks looking for new horizons in tattooing, piercing, scarring, etc., do it, it's nuts. Last month, the online magazine BMEzine.com (short for Body Modification) started chronicling three people's efforts to turn the whites of their eyes blue.

Eyeball Tattoo Trend: Yuck!

Posted at January 13, 2010 4:06 AM