March 15, 2010

Corey Feldman Angry (VIDEO)

In the aftermath of the loss of his fellow child star Corey Haim, Corey Feldman says he is angry at Hollywood for turning their back on Haim.

Said Feldman: "In this entertainment industry, in Hollywood, we build people up as children, we put them on pedestals, and then, when we decide they're not marketable anymore, we walk away from them. Then we taunt them and we tease them ... It's okay for society as a whole to poke fun at, to point fingers at, us as human beings. Why is it okay to kick somebody when they're down? I don't think it should be tolerated anymore."

Corey Haim suffered for years from the effects of substance abuse and drug addiction, and repeated stints in drug rehab, but we don't know the cause of death yet. Corey Feldman said we should not jump to conclusions.on this, and be fair to Haim as this last chapter of his life is written.

Corey Feldman Angry

Though Corey Feldman is deeply appreciative of the outpouring of condolences from his Hollywood peers following the death of his longtime friend, Corey Haim, he is also "angry, hurt and sad." Feldman made an appearance on "Larry King Live" Wednesday night to express his animosity against the industry that made him and Haim famous for classic '80s films such as "Lost Boys" and "License to Drive." Haim was 38 when he died Wednesday of an apparent accidental overdose.

Corey Feldman Angry

Posted at March 15, 2010 7:34 AM