March 10, 2010

Longest Marriage: Rowe and Webber

Looking for the longest marriage ever? You have to go back 250 years to find it.

Lazarus Rowe and Molly Weber, who were reportedly married in 1743, lived in Greenland New Hampshire.

Despite the tough times that many Americans saw in those days, and the lack of modern medical science much less relationship experts, therapists and self-help books, they were able to keep their marriage going for well over 85 years!

Rowe and Webber were married from 1743 all the way to 1829, when Molly finally passed away.

See below for an excerpt from the 1829 news article about them, published when he died a few months after her:

Longest Marriage: Rowe and Webber

"At Limington, on the 14th inst. Mr. Lazarus Rowe, aged 104 years! Mr. Rowe was a native of Greenland, New Hampshire, and was one of the first settlers of Baldwin, in Maine, where he lived till within about two years since. His wife, Molly Rowe, who died last spring, was born the same year with her husband, viz. in 1725; they were married at the age of 18, and consequently lived together eighty-six years!"

Longest Marriage: Rowe and Webber

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