March 10, 2010

Simon Cowell: Crystal Bowersox, Fiance

This week Simon Cowell did something he rarely does: talk about his fiance!

Cowell touched on that much-discussed part of his personal life while also lavishing praise on American Idol favorite Crystal Bowersox, saying she may be the one to beat in this year's contest.

The American Idol mastermind was bashful about broaching the subject oif hsi engagement to Mezhgan Hussainy, but he did acknowledge that he bought her an engagement ring, and that they will be married some time "in the next ten years."

Hussainy also came out briefly, during this interview on the Tonight Show, and sat with Cowell on stage as they talked to Jay Leno.

This new season of American Idol is still in the early stages but Crystal Bowersox is already considered by many the one to beat, and Simon Cowell seemed to echo those sentiments when he talked to Leno about the show.

Simon Cowell: Crystal Bowersox is Best!

On "The Tonight Show," Simon Cowell sidesteps the question engagement question but acknowledges he gave Mezhgan Hussainy a ring. He is clearly uncomfortable answering questions about it. It's interesting to see the usually unflappable Cowell flappable. He didn't say when they'd get married beyond "within the next ten years." Hussainy pops up for a minute below. He is also a fan of Crystal Bowersox. No surprise, there. And he said Adam Lambert should have won...

Simon Cowell: Crystal Bowersox is Best!

Posted at March 10, 2010 8:19 AM