March 10, 2010

Houston Exec's Body Found?

A missing business executive in Houston was found drowned in the Mississippi River this week, found by New Orleans police.

The Houston based execustive, Douglas Schantz, was 54.

He was an executive in a Texas oil company, Sequent Energy Management, based in Houston.

There is reportedly videotape of the oil executive on the night he went missing, where he has been drinking and seems disoriented, which lends credence to the theory that he accidentally drowned.

All of his money and credit cards were found on his person, making it less likely he was the victim of foul play. So police are saying it was most likely a tragic accident.

Houston Exec's Body Found?

A body pulled from the Mississippi River near the French Quarter on Tuesday was that of a missing Texas oil company executive, police said. Police believe Douglas Schantz, 54, president of Houston-based Sequent Energy Management, drowned accidentally, said Bob Young of the New Orleans police department. "He had all his credit cards, his jewelry was on him," Young said. "At this time we feel it was accidental."

Houston Exec's Body Found?

Posted at March 10, 2010 8:30 AM