March 10, 2010

Bank Took House, and Parrot!

You've heard of a bank repossessing a home before, but a parrot??

A woman in a town near Pittsburgh is reporting that Bank of America not ony wrongfully repossessed her house, but the bank contractors wrecked that home and went on to take her pet parrot.

The woman's name is Angela Ianelli, and she says the Allegheny County Bank of America damaged her home and furniture and took the bird while repossessing the house even though she was actually on time with her payments.

Ianellli is now suing Bank of America, although she reports that she did eventually regain her parrot after numerous calls to the bank. A bizarre turn of events, to say the least.

Bank Took House, and Parrot!

A Pittsburgh-area woman is suing Bank of America, claiming it wrongfully repossessed her home and saying that a bank contractor trashed the house and took her parrot. Angela Iannelli, 46, sued Bank of America in Allegheny County on Monday. She claims her mortgage payments were on time when the contractor damaged furniture, took her pet parrot and padlocked the door to her Allison Park home in October.

Bank Took House, and Parrot!

Posted at March 10, 2010 7:45 AM