March 15, 2010

Obama: Big Agenda Small Window

Is Obama in over his head, or does he still have the master plan?

We all know Obama is pushing hard to get his health care reform finally passed.

But three are also many other issues he is trying to tackle at the same time, and some experts wonder if it'll be possible to work on som many fronts in such a short mount of time.

Climate change, energy policy and immigration policy are just some of the other issues the Obama administration is pressing to make change on in the next year or so.

For a detailed look at all the issues Obama is trying to cover this year, see below:

Obama: Big Agenda Small Window

President Barack Obama's intense juggling of domestic issues reflects all the realities he faces at once: a vast agenda, a smaller window for results this year and a need to keep promises to constituencies that will have a huge say in the fall congressional elections. Promising to put jobs first this year, Obama is also consumed with trying to get a health care overhaul through a deeply divided Congress. This time-consuming blitz, he hopes, will end in a final vote in Congress this month, and House and Senate Democratic leaders drew closer Friday to a deal...

Obama: Big Agenda Small Window

Posted at March 15, 2010 7:44 AM