March 12, 2010

Sheen's Return After Rehab

Charlie Sheen is getting set to return to his hit TV show Two and a Half Men, after an extended stint in rehab.

Sheen checked into a rehab clinic for undisclosed reasons, after a troubling incident with his wife, where he was accused of violent domestic assault.

Sheen has been away from his show for some time as he stayed in rehab, and his wife has also been doing some time in a rehab clinic as well.

Sheen's wife Brooke Mueller, who called the police on him in the incident that led to his time away, check in herself to "get her heath in order" again not specifying what the rehab was for.

She reportedly had to switch clinics after there were security issues at the first one.

Sheen's Return After Rehab

Charlie Sheen is set to return to the set of his sitcom "Two and a Half Men," his publicist said. Production of the the CBS hit show was suspended two weeks ago after Sheen checked into a rehab clinic as what Stan Rosenfield then called "a preventive measure. He returns to the show for the March 19 taping," Rosenfield said Tuesday. Rosenfield never revealed what issue Sheen needed to address with rehabilitation or the kind of facility he entered...Sheen's wife, Brooke Mueller, also entered rehab in February "to get her health in order," said her lawyer, Yale Galanter...

Sheen's Return After Rehab

Posted at March 12, 2010 5:33 AM