March 11, 2010

Eric Massa Allegedly Groped Male Staffers

The strange tale of Eric Massa continues to unravel in the press, as what started out as a resignation due to a cancer diagnosis has degenerated into accusations that he allegedly groped male staffers, and increasingly bizarre interviews and public statements from the suddenly disgraced congressman.

Eric Massa has been all over the media, telling stranger and stranger stories of getting into "tickle fights" with other men, confrontations in the shower with Rahm Emmanuel, and other stories about peculiar and off-color behavior between Massa and his co-workers and colleagues.

Massa resigned from his position effective Monday, and his sudden explosion of embarrassment has brought new scrutiny to the Democrats, especially Nancy Pelosi who allegedly may have known about these issues for some time.

Defenders of Pelosi and the Democrats, though, say there was no way to know this guy was just plain crazy, which is a difficult conclusion to avoid at this point.

Here's hoping Massa will now just go away quietly so we can focus on real political issues and policy questions that matter, but chances are we'll be seeing him on the tabloid news and reality TV circuits for some time to come. Yuck.

Eric Massa Allegedly Groped Male Staffers
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Not long after Eric Massa joined Congress in January 2009, several male staff members began to feel uncomfortable with the sexually loaded language their boss routinely used, according to accounts relayed to the House ethics committee, and then came reports of him allegedly groping and harassing male staff. As the months passed, rumors began to circulate in the office that the married New York Democrat had sexually propositioned young male staffers and interns -- allegations, according to two sources with knowledge of the inquiry, that included Massa groping at least two aides,,,

Eric Massa Allegedly Groped Male Staffers

Posted at March 11, 2010 11:12 AM