April 3, 2010

Record Whale Die Off

Scientists are alarmed and perplexed by a record number of whales dying off this year. The deaths are of baby whales, about 300 of them that have all washed ashore in waters around Argentina.

Some adult whales have died as well but 9 out of 10 have been baby whalesm a sad story to be sure. Marcela Uhart, a medical veterinarian who works wiuth the Wildlife Conservation Society said "this is the single largest whale die-off event in terms of numbers and in relation to population size and geographic range"

Could this be due to the climate change issues we all fear right now, or a more immediate consequence of pollution? no word yet but hopefully scientists can figure it out in time to save some whales.

Record Whale Die Off

Whale experts are baffled with the recent large number deaths of baby whales. About three hundred whales have been found dead in the waters around Peninsula Valdes along Argentina's Patagonian Coast since 2005. Almost 90 percent of those deaths represent whale calves less than 3 months old, and the calf deaths make up almost a third of all right whale calf sightings in the last five years.

Record Whale Die Off

Posted at April 3, 2010 3:46 AM