February 1, 2009

Obama vs. Matt Lauer Superbowl Interview (VIDEO)

Obama vs. Matt Lauer Superbowl Interview (VIDEO)
President Barack Hussein Obama was interviewed live by NBC's Matt Lauer before tonight's Superbowl, and Obama and Lauer talked about many topics, including how Obama is getting used to the job, his plans for Iraq and Afghanistan, and who is he is rooting for in the game. There were technical difficulties and one segment where the sound dropped out, was it a conspiracy?? Perhaps Obama revealed that he now knows who really shot JFK, anad they had to block that out? In the video Obama also talked yo Matt Lauer about his now legendary Blackberry.

Obama vs. Matt Lauer Superbowl Interview (VIDEO)

Posted at February 1, 2009 5:18 PM

I think Matt Lauer is the biggest prick for the way he talked to Obama. He treated him with total disrespect and lack of regard for his position as the President of the US. Furthermore, he should have kept it light since this was a pregame interview before the super bowl instead he was asking controversial questions where it really wasn't the right time or place for him to be asking. His true lack of class really showed when he started asking Obama for Oprah's ph #, as well as showing him the picture of the magazine where his pic was removed. What a putz a guy like Matt Lauer should have NO BUSINESS interviewing any high profile people especially the President of the US. Who ever chose him to interview Obama should be canned and he should be canned as well. What an embarrassment to the Nation. They even had to pause it so that they can tell this douche bag to lighten up the conversation and instead he ends up insulting the President. Matt Lauer ended his coversation with the President by saying he will send him an email. As if the commander and chief of our nation would have the time to read his crap. He also asked about the confidential documents and if the american people were to see them how would we react. You would think the word confidential would mean something but not to Matt Lauer he apprently thinks our President should breach security by telling us. Good job Matt Lauer for being the biggest dick head on the planet and good job nbc for choosing him to represent you for this monumental interview.

Posted by: Eddie Duval at February 1, 2009 11:59 PM

Wow, Eddie. Way to go overboard. He's a reporter for crying out loud. They get PAID to push issues and get responses. It was a light hearted conversation with hits of serious topics. Joked about the phone, joked about the e-mail, joked through out the thing. He's interviewing one of the most personable politicians I've seen in a long time, and talked to him like a HUMAN being.

Posted by: Evan at February 3, 2009 4:01 PM

Интересно, а где Вы материал взяли для этой статьи? Неужели из головы? :)

Posted by: вopcepдeчки at March 25, 2009 4:07 PM

Первые три комментатора дело говорят :)

Posted by: Руслан at April 1, 2009 7:19 PM