March 3, 2009

VIDEO: Bachelor 2009 Finale

Video from the 2009 season finale of the Bachelor, in which we learn that Jason Mesnick is the lamest man on earth and all women should flee from him.

VIDEO: Bachelor 2009 Finale

Apparently, The Bachelor’s decision was controversial. See, Jason Mesnick dumped the girl named Molly for the girl named Melissa. But wait, during the finale reunion, he changed his mind, dumped Melissa, and then went back to Molly. Oh My Gosh! I know that there are still a few Men out there who act like dogs but I don’t know anyone who would do it on national TV for millions to see. And to think this Bachelor is a Father. Being a Single Dad was the major factor of the show. The Women were all just itching to be the stepmother of the little boy...

...I could go on and and on about what a jerk this Jason Mesnick is but the show had women who wanted to be his “wife”. They said Love is blind, but come on now. There are also the things called brains, decency, self-esteem, self-respect and oooh I don’t know, or

Having said all that, I have a conspiracy theory going on in my head. What if it wasn’t The Bachelor’s decision to go this way? What if ABC instructed him to dump Molly, pick Mellisa, then dump her and then pick Molly? It’s a twist for the TV ratings my friends. The show needed a MAJOR ta-daaaah moment to keep the viewers glued on TV...

VIDEO: Bachelor 2009 Finale

Posted at March 3, 2009 7:08 PM

there is a reason why relationships before never worked for him. and now we know why. despite how sweet he is and all, prince charming really had us all fooled. he's just as much of a mess as any man if not more so. he seems extremely upset to let anyone go because he doesn't want to hurt them but really. he's just indecisive, selfish, lazy and completely incompetent when it comes down to relationships. it's not going to work w/ molly either. time only will tell the truth.

i'll be honest. i knew he was not that bright in the head, or shall i say kind in the heart, when he let Jillian go. but that's all the better for her. and melissa too. girls. you got lucky. molly on the other hand still has to deal with this guy for a bit. and then she's going to be going through all of this too.

i wish jason and all of the girls the best. but really jason, your indecisiveness and doubts will be there. with past relationships, with this relationship, and with future ones.

Posted by: wah?!! at March 4, 2009 4:33 AM