May 20, 2009

VIDEO: Ethan Bortnick, Kid Musician from Jay Leno

Hmmmmmm....this Ethan Bortnick kid....pretty impressive. Hope his parents are letting him have time to play and make friends too!

VIDEO: Ethan Bortnick, Kid Singer from Jay Leno

Ethan Bortnick is barely seven years old but he's already making waves as a musical wunderkind.

Pianist, composer and world-class entertainer Ethan Bortnick has appeared on Oprah, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Good Morning America, and Martha Stewart. He's shared a stage with Beyonce, Josh Groban, Santana, Natalie Cole, Nelly Furtado, Wyclef Jean, Smokey Robinson, Gloria Gaynor, Patti LaBelle, and The Pointer Sisters. He can play more than 200 songs from memory, has composed more than 30 pieces of music that are being published, and has raised record amounts for children's charities.

His accomplishments are comparable to those of well-known established musicians and entertainers, and he's only 7 years old.

When he was 3, Ethan asked his parents for piano lessons. "They're like, 'You know what, I don't think you can have piano lessons, because you're still in diapers.' So I listened to every note of Mozart's 'Alla Turca,' and I started playing, and they're like, 'Wait, the audio's not on, so who is it? Oh man.' They thought it was a ghost or something playing." When they found out who was really playing, Ethan was allowed to take piano lessons.

At 7, Ethan has already started writing his own pieces. One song he wrote, "Arctic Jazz," is about, "a manatee who went all the way from Florida to Antarctica to play a jazz party."

VIDEO: Ethan Bortnick, Kid Singer from Jay Leno

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