June 21, 2009

Anna Faris Honeymoon Bikini Photos

Nice way to avoid all the wedding drama, celebrity or otherwise

Anna Faris Bikini Photos (From Honeymoon)

"Here's Anna Faris and her new husband Chris Pratt in Maui where the they eloped this weekend. Yeah, these two are not only together but married. I swear I will spend every minute of every day trying to win her heart away from this man. And fortunately it looks like she's attracted to unbridled sloth, so beers and Xbox it is which is pretty much what I was going to do anyway. For you, my love, for you."

"The House Bunny actress Anna Faris, who is set to tie the knot with Chris Pratt this summer, revealed she would spare her family the trouble of showing up at the occasion. “We made the best decision that I could ever think of - we are just going to slip off and elope,” Contactmusic quoted her as telling Us magazine. “We aren’t going to involve the family at all. Then we will go on a honeymoon,” she added. Aand as we see in these photos, she carried out the plan!"

Anna Faris Bikini Photos (From Honeymoon)

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