June 1, 2009

VIDEO: Kristen Stewart Drops Her MTV Award

Is this what passes for excitement these days? All these MTV awards shows need to go to the glue factory.

VIDEO: Kristen Stewart Drops Her MTV Award
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"This here is the danger of live blogging with the TV behind you. You risk missing crucial moments as you furiously type through pithy comments on the previous noteworthy moment. Moments like this one, in which Kristen Stewart fumbles and then drops her Golden Popcorn statue."

In a moment sure to become a YouTube classic, Kristen Stewart accepts the award for Best Female Performance at the MTV Movie Awards.

She starts by saying Stephenie Myer should be there to accept all the night's awards, then suprisingly thanks the multitude of Twilight fans, gives a nod to her castmates, and starts to exit the stage when she half drops/half pitches her award to the floor. Cameron Diaz comes to the rescue, handing Stewart the golden popcorn that snapped off the top of her award.

VIDEO: Kristen Stewart Drops Her MTV Award

Posted at June 1, 2009 2:31 AM

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