June 17, 2009

VIDEO: Shaq vs. Hong Man Choi in MMA?

VIDEO: Shaq vs. Hong Man Choi in MMA?

Here's a video of Shaquille O'Neal while training with John Burke courtesy of the6levels.com. Just another Shaq being Shaq moment. You got to love the big guy.

Since we're in the subject anyway, and Shaq mentioned he'd be retired in a year or two, how about it fight fans? I think it's an interesting proposition: Hong Man Choi against The Diesel! I want to see that one in an improvised cage. The only thing is, why does Shaq have to wait til he's retired. This fight can happen right now. I'll even volunteer to promote and organize it in Vegas. But if Shaq truly wants to jump in the cage, why not go for Bob Sapp first? Shaq has the cardio to hang and trained with law enforcement so you already know he can fight.

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Shaq Wants to Fight Chuck Liddell and Hong Man Choi

VIDEO: Shaq vs. Hong Man Choi in MMA?

Posted at June 17, 2009 2:04 PM

it looks like Shaq didn't learn from Jose Canseco's mistake a few weeks ago

Posted by: Bowler at June 24, 2009 11:16 PM

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