July 5, 2009

North Carolina Fireworks Explosion

Scary thing to see. Surprised this doesn't happen more often! You don't think often of the courage you need to work with fireworks, these guys really put their lives on the line to give us a good show. Several serious injuries and one death is still tragic though. we'll see if there will be any lawsuits or other fallout from this fireworks accident.

North Carolina Fireworks Explosion

Authorities say a fireworks explosion on a North Carolina island has killed one worker and critically injured four others.

Hyde County spokeswoman Jamie Tunnell says everyone hurt Saturday worked for a company setting up the annual Independence Day fireworks display on the Ocracoke Island.

Authorities say no danger remains, and ferries are running again. Robert Raborn says the explosion was heard across Ocracoke village.

Raborn says from his vantage point 200 yards away, it looked like 40 minutes worth of fireworks went off in four seconds in the accident & explosion that killed one and critically caused serious injuries for others.

North Carolina Fireworks Explosion

Posted at July 5, 2009 5:02 PM

Actually, it shouldn't happen. It was probably the mishandling of an electric igniter that did it - that's been the cause of all such accidents in recent years. The products are safe to handle if the workers are familiar with what they have. I work in the industry - I am speaking from experience.

Posted by: posonokie at July 6, 2009 1:32 AM

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