December 1, 2009

R. Kelly Acquitted of Child Pornography Charges

In a legal case that continues to stir up debate, it's been a year now since R Kelly was acquitted of child pornography charges, in a sordid case surrounding an alleged videotape of him having sex with, and urinating on, an underage girl.

The tape, which leaked onto the internet and was seen by millions of people, seemed to clearly incriminate R Kelly in this terrible degradation of a minor. But somehow the attorneys on his all-star legal team were able to help him beat the charges, in a bizarre trial where the alleged victim denied it was her in the video, amid speculation her family had been paid off to help R Kelly get an acquittal.

The legal system ran its course, his lawyers did their job. and I guess we have to respect the outcome. But I saw the tape. And it darn sure looked like him to me. That's all I'm gonna say about it...

R. Kelly Acquitted of Child Pornography Charges

A Cook County jury Friday acquitted R&B superstar R. Kelly of child pornography charges, marking the end of a high-profile trial rich in courtroom drama and celebrity intrigue. Jurors put little stock in the prosecution's star witness..and because the alleged victim and her family denied she was the woman in the video, jurors' sense of reasonable doubt held strong...

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