December 1, 2009

Shakira Boyfriend: Put Some Clothes On!

Can this be true, that Shakira's boyfriend it telling her she needs to stop being so sexy?

Apparently so, as the bodacious and brainy pop star Shakira says her boyfriend Antonio de la Rua was shockd by her video for "She Wolf", the new single from her latest CD of the same name. When he saw her inside a cage, with a leotard that made her look like she wore nothing at all, she says he asked "couldn't you at least wear a scarf??"

Shakira sas she will not tone her style down for the boyfriend (who is son of Argentina's former president), but she will give him a private show to make it up to him.

But really though, Shakira's boyfriend was what exacty? Hasn't he ever seen any of her other videos? Who did he think he was dating,
Paula Poundstone? Asking Shakira to hide her sexiness is like asking the sun not to shine, like asking The Mango not to be The Mango!

Shakira Boyfriend: Put Some Clothes On!


Colombian pop star Shakira has revealed her boyfriend has urged her to tone down her raunchy image. The singer admits her beau Antonio de la Rua was shocked the first time he saw her revealing outfit for the video of her new album "She Wolf", in which she cavorts in a cage appearing to wear just a black belt and stilettos, reports

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