January 11, 2010

The Savage Hunt Is Rambo 5!

Sylvester Stallone just never lets go of a good thing. After goodness knows how many Rocky sequels, he has recently returned to his Rambo franchise, and soon after releasing his fourth installment he is not ready to drop Rambo 5, AKA "The Savage Hunt."

But this 5th Rambo will have more of a science fiction feel, according to early reports.

The Savage Hunt Is Rambo 5

This past week Nu Image/Millennium Films officially announced a greenlight for Rambo's fifth mission, with Sylvester Stallone signed on to return to star and also direct. Stallone had previously hinted that the character would venture into a "slightly different genre," leaving many fans to speculate sci-fi or a more comic bookish approach. But the plot synopsis released to the Hollywood trade papers was something else entirely... and apparently false.

The Savage Hunt Is Rambo 5

Posted at January 11, 2010 5:47 AM