February 8, 2010

Ashton Kutcher SNL News (VIDEO)

Ashton Kutcher, with his second SNL appearance, is quickly puting himself in the running for favorite regular SNL host, according to TV critics who raved about this second appearance.

Ashton was in town to promote his new movie "Valentine's Day" (which induces nausea in this blogger but hopefully others will be more open-minded), and took part in a variety of very funny skits in this SNL comeback. He did a faux Cialis ad, portrayed Mel Gibson sitting in on the view (and was actually a bit friendlier than the real Gibson, going by other recent footage) All in all, Ashton Kutcher is not on Steve Martin status just yet but give him a few more rounds and he might be on his way.

Ashton Kutcher SNL News


Ashton Kutcher has become an SNL veteran all of a sudden. Yesterday's Ashton Kutcher SNL episode was his fourth in the last seven years, getting him close to the five-timers club. He started his career on the show by coming out in his underwear in 2003, back when he was still the goofy 70's Show guy. Last night, he called back to that bit to prove how far he'd come since then - but as the fourth Ashton Kutcher SNL show proved, he may not be that mature yet at 32...

Ashton Kutcher SNL News

Posted at February 8, 2010 3:43 AM