February 7, 2010

Will Marry for Health Insurance

As the battle to improve our health care system hangs in the balance, and millions of Americans struggle to get proper medical treatment for their families, one woman is taking a creative approach to seeking first-rate care and dramatizing the need for a better health care system. She is promising that she will marry for health insurance!

The woman, who suffers from a little known medical condition called C4 Complement Deficiency, needs treatment for this incurable disease, but because the dreadful current health care system considers this a "preexisting condition" she is unable to get coverage from any insurance company after her COBRA coverage runs out in a year.

it is appalling that anyone should be in this position, and as weakened as Obama's health care reform bull already is, I think it's worth it to do whatever is needed to pass something, to get rid of these "preexisting conditions" policies and at least a good measure of the increased and improved coverage this reform could provide. Hopefully the Democrats will grow some spine and the GOP will show some heart.. maybe they can each get spine and heart operations, if the new health care system covers those?

Will Marry for Health Insurance

Terri Carlson, 45, has posted several videos on YouTube saying she will marry someone in exchange for health insurance. She also started her own website. The divorcee and single mom has a genetic disorder called C4 Complement Deficiency, and there are no known cures. She has one year left under COBRA health coverage, but she was issued a lifetime denial from every other health insurance carrier...

Will Marry for Health Insurance

Posted at February 7, 2010 4:10 AM