March 16, 2010

Guns N' Roses Riot in Brazil!

Fans in Brazil reportedly did not take it so well when the news broke that Guns N' Roses were cancelling shows there.

In fact they took so badly, they reportedly started a riot!

In Sao Paolo concertgoers began rioting when it was announced that the Guns N Roses show would not go on as planned, and similar incidents have been reported in other places as well.

This sign was posted in Riop, where a show had to be cancelled for safety reasons after a stat collapsed, leaving people who bought Gun N Roses Concert tickets in the lurch.\:

"ATTENTION: The March 14th GUNS N' ROSES show in Rio De Janeiro at Apoteose Stadium has been officially canceled for this evening due to the stage collapsing because of heavy rains"

Guns N' Roses Riot

Guns N' Roses had the weekend for hell down in South America. First on Friday they were linked to a riot after they failed to show up for a "secret" show they previously denied was even happening. Then they were forced to cancel Saturday's show due to a stage collapse. When reports of several Latin American "secret" Guns N' Roses shows hit the news wires, the GNR camp were quick to deny that these shows were happening...

Guns N' Roses Riot

Posted at March 16, 2010 5:22 AM