March 22, 2010

Miss England Swimsuit Competition (VIDEO)

Many viewers favorite part of any beauty pageant is the swimsuit competitition.

But in England, their new pageant queen Katrina Hodge has convinced the Miss England pageant to drop the sexy segment from the show.

Hodge who is also known as Combat Barbie, is a soldier as well as a beauty queen, and convinced the Miss England pageant to to switch from the segment based on sexiness to something that shows more of a woman's talent and ability.

The show will now feature a sports competition, instead of the swimsuit portion.

No word yet on whether the contestants will wear swimsuits while they show their athletic skills in the sporting portion.

Kudos to Katrina Hodge though for expanding the pageant world's representation of women.

Miss England Swimsuit Competition

Miss England 2009 Katrina Hodge has convinced judges to cut the swimsuit competition to add in a sports challenge, the Telegraph UK reports. Hodge, known as "Combat Barbie," joined the army when she was 16 and served in Iraq. But Hodge thinks the bikini battlefield might be scarier for some....

Miss England Swimsuit Competition Posted at March 22, 2010 8:41 AM