July 18, 2010

Mercury: Violent Magnetic Storms (VIDEO)

The planet of Mercury is prone to bad weather beyond anything we can imagine on Earth, according to new studies of their violent magnetic storms.

Their magnetosphere sends out energy that causes huge disturbances and radiation. NASA was able to learn this by their scientists studying data collected by the Messenger spacecraft, that made several close runs by the planet which is closest to the sun.

Said one scientist, in a comment that I'm not educated enough to follow,
"This is all very curious...We have very weak solar wind conditions, yet we're seeing more tail loading than what we see on Earth. What's going to happen when the [solar] wind conditions pick up?" If you say so!

Mercury: Violent Magnetic Storms

Mercury is wracked by intense magnetic disturbances more extreme than any on Earth, new research suggests. The small, rocky planet also experienced volcanic activity for much longer than once thought, according to several new studies based on observations during the latest flyby of the small, rocky planet by a NASA spacecraft.The new findings come from data collected by NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft, which unearthed even more secrets about the closest planet to the sun during its third and last flyby of Mercury last September.

Mercury: Violent Magnetic Storms

Posted at July 18, 2010 4:18 AM