March 31, 2011

Thieves Steal Diamonds From Swiss Fair

A daring heist in in Switzerland, as thieves in one of their major cities stole a batch of extremely high priced diamonds, from one of the country's major watch and jewel fairs.

The show features dispays of some of the most glamorous and expensive jewelry in the world, and even though only four diamonds were taken, the Swiss thieves got away with loot worth millions of dollars, according to authorities and sources connected with the fair.

According to the prosecutors there, the plan was quite simple, and perhaps raises questions about whether everyone at the event had sufficient security measures. All they did, so it seems, is distract the employee minding the stall, while their partners went into the cabinet and took the jewels. Surely these jewelers ought to have more security measures than that, for such high priced jewelry?

Thieves Steal Diamonds Swiss Fair

Swiss prosecutors say thieves have stolen four diamonds worth millions of dollars (euros) from a watch and jewel fair in the northwestern city of Basel. Prosecutors office spokesman Markus Melzl says some of the thieves distracted an employee at a diamond trader's stall while others swiped the jewels from glass cabinet.

Thieves Steal Diamonds Swiss Fair

Posted at March 31, 2011 5:50 AM