April 3, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor Nude Photo Leak

Elizabeth Taylor passed away only weeks ago, but she continues to capture people's imagination, and is now back in the news as a legendary photo of her from over 50 years ago has allegedly surfaced.

The nude photo of a young Elizabeth Taylor is said to be a gift she had made for the man who was then the love of her life, Hollywood producer Mike Todd. It is a tastefully shot photograph taken by her longtime friend, fellow actor Roddy McDowell.

The photo had been in the possession of a collector named Jim Shaudis, who had been keeping the photo hanging on the wall in his own bedroom, so they say. But now it looks like the whole world will get to see it.

Elizabeth Taylor Nude Photo (NEWS)

A photo of Elizabeth Taylor as you've never seen her before - nude from head to toe - has surfaced. A 55-year-old black and white shot of La Liz going au naturel was just made public by its owner in the wake of her March 23 death, the London Daily Mail reported. The pic was shot by Taylor's longtime friend and confidante, actor Roddy McDowell, in 1956, who reportedly promised Taylor he would handle the task tastefully...The violet-eyed beauty presented the shot as an engagement gift to her third husband, producer Mike Todd,

Elizabeth Taylor Nude Photo (NEWS)

Posted at April 3, 2011 2:08 PM