June 30, 2009

Gene Simmons: "Lambert Killed His Career" (VIDEO)

Here's the dumb, dumb, dumb quote from Gene Simmons about Adam Lambert coming out as gay. did I mention it's dumb? Adam Lambert deserves nothing but congratulations for having the courage to come out. And considering how much of Gene Simmons reputation is based on his supposed sexual exploits, it's pretty absurd for him to even think of saying things like this, about Adam Lambert or anyone.

Gene Simmons: "Lambert Killed His Career" (VIDEO)

"I don't think I've been talking smack at all. In fact, if anything, I've been soft-peddling," Simmons told Inside TV. "He's enormously talented, best talent 'American Idol' has had, but I think he killed his career because now the conversation is not about his talent but about his sexual preference. He's done. You're forcing people to deal with issues they may not be interested in. Life is unfair, and the masses don't all live in L.A. They live in Wisconsin and Nebraska, and you're on crack if you think the same rules apply there. My advice is still the same, shut the fuck up, just sing and let people say whatever they want."

As the antimusic blog said: "Interesting insight into the Los Angeles mindset about the rest of the country Gene, it's a good thing for Elton John, George Michael and Rob Halford that the people that actually live outside of LA don't think that way. Otherwise how did Michael sell almost as many albums to these people as you have (with about 20 less releases) or how did Elton sell 3.7 times as many? "

Gene Simmons: "Lambert Killed His Career" (VIDEO)

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