June 23, 2009

Neda Soltan, Photos & Video


Neda Soltan, Photos & Video

Protesters in Iran are hailing 26-year-old Neda Soltan as a martyr after graphic videos of her apparent murder at a protest in Tehran hit the Internet. Iran experts say images of her bloody death have galvanized the country and that mourning for her — which has been banned by authorities — will bring deeper unrest.

"Neda," whose identity could not be verified yet, was reportedly gunned down by paramilitary police Saturday during protests in the capital city. Videos posted on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter show Neda Soltan bleeding from the nose and mouth as a crowd tries unsuccessfully to stanch the flow and save her life.

The video also shows a moving clip of a man identified as Neda Soltan's professor cradling her head and yelling out, "Neda, don't be afraid. Neda, stay with me. Neda stay with me!” for photos and video and info go here, and for more news and information watch andrewsullivan.com, nico putney and tehranbureau.com

Neda Soltan, Photos & Video

Posted at June 23, 2009 2:20 AM

Where poor Neda lay down dead

They try to catch water in a sieve
But the genie of freedom has fled
Each arm of the dictatorship flails at shadows
Where poor Neda lay down dead

The information age makes a mockery of them
With all their mean–minded concerns
They fixed an election in Iran
And immediately the whole world learns

They try to clamp down on fresh air
And claim that black is white
Their time has gone but still they resist
Saying wrong is right

The old ways are now in collision
With information they now take arms
But with each sword blade thrust at shadows
Only themselves it harms

They are desperate to put truth in chains
Where everyone by the nose is led
Far away from the bloody road
Where poor Neda lay down dead.

Posted by: Allan at June 23, 2009 3:42 PM

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