June 8, 2009

Rob, Arnie and Dawn Offensive Comments

Isn't this hacky shock jock crap out of style yet?

Rob, Arnie and Dawn Suspended for Offensive Comments


”Rob, Arnie and Dawn” has ceased broadcasting until June 11th following advertiser and listener backlash due to a controversial segment bashing transgender and cross-dressing teens...

“If my son, God forbid, if my son put on a pair of high heels, I would probably hit him with one of my shoes. I would throw a shoe at him.”

Host Rob Williams concurred.

“A boy who wears a dress is a freak. He’s a nut.”

Rob, Arnie and Dawn went on to admonish transgender people and their supporters to “stop hiding behind research and laws...” see more here

Rob, Arnie and Dawn Suspended for Offensive Comments

Posted at June 8, 2009 5:46 PM

Yeah! I love Rob Arnie and Dawn, they speak there minds, and its called Free speech people, get over it. I would smack my kid too if he had girl clothes on seriously.. If he was drunk or just being dumb whatever who cares, but i couldn't stand to see that crap on a normal day to day thing either.

Posted by: DonJuan at June 10, 2009 3:17 AM

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