June 19, 2009

VIDEO: Kristinia DeBarge on SYTYCD

Is she a member of the Debarge family?

VIDEO: Kristinia DeBarge on SYTYCD


19-year-old Kristinia DeBarge already has a hit on her hands with her debut single “Goodbye.” The single currently sits at No. 16 on the Billboard Hot 100, so it was the prime time to get Kristinia on TV to perform the sizzling summer jam. She hit Fox’s dance competition So You Think You Can Dance to make her first major TV appearance and performance last night. It’s just a major shame she did not perform the song live. The obvious lip syncing took some of the excitement away from the performance, which was cool and fun overall.

Maybe the next appearance will focus more on her voice and less on her dancing and apparent cuteness, because she really can sing. Check out the video of Kristinia Debarge on So You Think You Can Dance right here

"I thought her dancing was great! Very sharp. It’s just too bad that the backing track was so loud, or that her mic was so low. I had to strain to hear her voice. But, for the first TV performance, well done, Kristinia!"
VIDEO: Kristinia DeBarge on SYTYCD

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