November 24, 2009

Theron Bares Her Body, Past (For A Movie) VIDEO

In her latest movie, "The Burning Plain", Charlize Theron bares her body and her soul, in this story ofba woman dealing with guilt over past trauma. But in interviews she said her movie nudity is not so sexy as its cracked up to be.

Talking about her nudity in the latest movie, she said ""I'm not some exhibitionist. I think people think I just love walking around naked," ...I had to sit there and think about myself and these men watching me, I think that would make me insecure. I'm just like every other girl out there. I would cringe."

The press loves to make headlines out of stuff like this, but I think if you watch Theron's films it's clear she's a good and serious actress, and doesn't go nude gratuitously. Umm, not that I would complain if she did. Wait, scratch that last part.

Theron Bares Her Body, Past (For A Movie) VIDEO usatoday

Charlize Theron is comfortable in her own skin. Even when that's all she's wearing. In the opening scene of her new film, The Burning Plain (in theaters Friday), Theron is emotionally naked. Her character, Sylvia, is trying to escape a guilt-ridden past, which challenged Theron to reflect on her own childhood. Theron is also physically naked. Similar to her Oscar-winning portrayal in Monster. And in Reindeer Games. And in Head in the Clouds. And in Cider House Rules, in which she bares her body each time.

Theron Bares Her Body, Past (For A Movie) VIDEO

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