July 5, 2009

Jackson Funeral Tickets

For all you Michael Jackson fans, here is how you can find out if you have a shot at getting a ticket. Best of luck to you, and long live Michael.

Jackson Funeral Tickets

Organizers of Michael Jackson’s memorial in Los Angeles began informing registrants on Sunday if they had been awarded one of the 8,750 pairs of free tickets to the Tuesday funeral / memorial.

Interest in tickets quickly intensified last Friday after Michael Jackson’s family and business representatives announced a memorial, which people are calling a funeral at the downtown Staples Center but imposed a lottery for fans to get the 17,500 free tickets reserved for them in the arena and an adjacent theater.

The Web site to register for the lottery for the "funeral tickets" received 500 million hits within the first hour last week. Over the weekend, 1.6 million people registered online for tickets.

Each person whose name is drawn will receive two tickets and was notified by e-mail after 11 a.m. Pacific time (2 p.m. Eastern) Sunday with instructions on where to go on Monday to pick up their tickets, organizers said. The tickets include a wristband, part of an effort to prevent people from trying to sell the tickets.

Jackson Funeral Tickets

Posted at July 5, 2009 4:34 PM

LOL what a freak show for a #1 freak...

Posted by: Rich Z at July 5, 2009 9:03 PM

While I think the whole world is taking a moment to ponder upon this loss, this very sudden loss, it is befitting the man who preached and prayed for unity that in the end, that is exactly what he has attained, to his detriment. Regrettably it took giving his life, for the earth to be shaken off its axis..for us to remember the very moment when we heard the most dreadful news...He is gone..

How deeply troubling that there are other very notable instances in modern age where such a sentiment can be expressed,that such a moment where time stood still upon hearing of a loss, has happened many times before. Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X...and now Michael Jackson..these are the angels that were sent to us to sheperd us through changes that needed to take place, in order for better to be ushered in..Unfortunately, it is the ugly part of the human condition that would dictate that it is only when we truly experience loss,..that the message these vessels of truth were trying to convey...remain, and resound within us like a growing murmur..a chant..culminating into a burst of song...

How many times do we need to revisit this gargantuan shock before we see the signs of greatness before us? where we can reason and respect that through their imperfections, they try for perfection for the global stage to benefit...that while great in their efforts, they are after all, human..And by human are allowed to err..and that their message can still stand strong regardless..

Some birds have feathers that are too bright to be caged in...therefore it is the hope of a better place, beyond this place..where they belong..and that it is in reverence to them, looking down upon all of us who have not ascended..that their plight goes on..in all of us who believe, did believe, and always will...

The stars belong to the skies...never have words been more true..
Rest easy and peacefully, Michael..your work is done..

Posted by: Angela at July 5, 2009 9:15 PM

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