July 18, 2009

Neyo Crying on Stage (VIdeo)

Sad and surprising video of Neyo getting very emotional on stage, breaking into tears and ultimately leaving the stage and canceling his concert. Reports say he was ill and had a vert bad fever and sweats, but there seems to be something more going on.

Neyo has been quoted as saying he fears losing the things that matter most to him, that he's under some kind of threat of losing something precious...does anyone know what that means? Hope it works out for him.

Neyo Crying on Stage (VIdeo) source

Poor Ne-Yo was so sick he cried on stage at a gig in the UK. Ne-Yo told the audience at the beginning of his show that he felt sick. According to the BBC report "He was doing a Michael Jackson tribute and you could see that he was actually struggling to finish every musical phrase. He kept asking the audience to bear with him.". Ne-Yo did one more song and then went backstage. After he returned on stage he was crying. He told the crowd "I've never not completed a show, I've never done this before..."

Neyo Crying on Stage (VIdeo)

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