July 28, 2009

U.S.: Pirate Activity On The Rise

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No, this is not about you and your MP3s. It's about something much worse (unless you're downloading the Brokencyde album, which is the worst thing any human being can do.)

This is about something much more serious, actual violent criminal piracy on the rise. The US Navy put out a warning that the change in season is bringing weather that's more palatable for the pirates that have been wreaking havoc around Somalia. Right now that part of the world is in monsoon season, but this season ends in about a month, .and the Navy warns that we can expect the pirates to start pirating again at that point.

Technically their activity never stopped, as they continue to hold a bunch of ships hostage. But the amount of new attacks and kidnappings had gone down recently. In the long run there is a complex political and economic mess in that region, that will take a protracted multi-pronged approach to really change in a meaningful way. But in the immediate, hopefully all the best precautions swill be taken to ensure safety in that part of the world. People love to make pirate jokes, but this is serious violent crime that comes out of serious desperation and poverty,.and ugly situation all around with nothing funny about it.

U.S.: Pirate Activity On The Rise

"The Navy advised mariners to use a designated corridor when transiting the Gulf of Aden. The corridor is patrolled by 30 warships, supported by aircraft from 16 nations..."

U.S.: Pirate Activity On The Rise

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