December 9, 2009

Potatoes: Carnivorous Killers!

you already know about the venus flytrap, but did you know the humble potato is secretly a bug killer as well?

That's what scientists are now saying about the potato and many other plants including the mild little petunia. According to botanist Mark Chase "We may be surrounded by many more murderous plants than we think," as lots of plants are actually set up to catch bugs and use them for sustenance.

The theory is stil controversial and hasn't been proven, but Chase insists: ""What plants are doing is much more sophisticated than we ever imagined. Although animals are eating plants, plants are also eating animals. It's not just a one-way street." See below for the whole scoop, with lots more science for your brain:

Potatoes: Carnivorous Killers!

Petunias and potatoes may actually be carnivorous plants, scientists now suggest. Indeed, carnivorous behavior may be far more widespread in plants than commonly thought -- if we take a closer look, botanists said. Petunias and potatoes have sticky hairs that trap insects, and several species of campion flowers have the common name catchfly for the same reason....

Potatoes: Carnivorous Killers!

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