January 14, 2010

Cape Town "Dinosaur": Huge Shark Attack!

Terrified beach house dwellers in South Africa took to Twitter with their reaction to a horrible incident at the local beach, as they saw a huge shark attack a swimmer and "eat" them right there in the middle of the day.

The tweeter said the shark was "dinosaur huge" and attacked the swimmer at a local beach popular with tourists. The shark was said to have attacked the man in water only two meters deep. Other witnesses, including people swimming right nearby, immediately tried to help and spread the word to everyone else to get out of the water, but sadly it was too late to save the attack victim.

Shark attacks are usually quite uncommon and usually happen only by accident when the shark is confused somehow. This was the second attack in less than a month in this region. The victim was a young man from Zimbabwe, who was on vacation with his girlfriend, who is now getting trauma counseling and therapy. Deepest condolences to her and their other friends and family.

Cape Town Dinosaur? Huge Shark?

A HORRIFIED Twitter user tweeted the moment a tourist was killed in the jaws of a "gigantic shark" in a South African holiday spot. Sky News reports Gregg Coppen watched as Lloyd Skinner was savaged in Cape Town, South Africa, on Tuesday (local time) tweeting: "Holy s..t. We just saw a gigantic shark eat what looked like a person in front of our house..." He added: "That shark was huge. Like dinosaur huge."

Cape Town Dinosaur? Huge Shark?

Posted at January 14, 2010 5:00 PM