January 14, 2010

Stonehenge: "Threatened List"?

Is Stonehenge in danger of being ruined? That is the implication of new reports that Stonehenge with be added to the "threatened list" of historic landmarks that are at risk of being lost to history.

The list is known as the "Threatened Wonders" list, and is an annual measure of 7 wonders in the world that are in disrepair or otherwise at rick kof being ruined. THe llist is put together every year by Wanderlust. The danger reported for Stonehenge is that a major road and tunnel is planned to be built right nearby the historic wonder, which would ruin its context in the landscape.

Besides Stonehenge, other "threatened list" wonders include include tourist destinations like Macchu Picchu, Timbuktu in Mali and the Bay of Fires in Tasmania.

Stonehenge: "Threatened List" Status

Wanderlust has just released its annual Threatened Wonders in which the iconic British monument of Stonehenge joins seven other worldwide destinations in need of some urgent TLC. The other destinations on the 2010 'critical list' are Wadi Rum in Jordan, Tulum in Mexico, Yangshuo in China, Timbuktu in Mali, Bay of Fires in Tasmania, Macchu Picchu in Peru and Jaisalmer in India.

Stonehenge: "Threatened List" Status

Posted at January 14, 2010 4:37 PM