February 10, 2010

Kevin Garnett Wedding: Trumped Olympic Games

One of the NBA's all-star couples this weekend will be Brandi Padilla and Kevin Garnett, who have been together since 2004. Two years ago Garnett put the diamond ring on her finger and he and Brandy got married in a small private ceremony. The wedding also happened to be planned at the same time as the Olympics, and Kevin Garnett did the right thing for his wife and missed the big event so he could be there for his and her big day. Brandi Padilla is also the sister in law of legendary producer Jimmy Jam, who married her older sister.

Kevin Garnett is a perennial NBA all-star, sure to go down as one of the all-time greats, and had a long and successful run as a very popular Minnesota player, before coming to the Boston Celtics whom he led to an NBA title, his first. He erupted in a spectacular celebration when the championship series ended, showing tons of emotion.

As Valentine's Day comes around on the same weekend as the NBA All-Star Game, NBA husbands are sure to be making special plans for the special someone on the big weekend. Or at the very least, NBA wives are surely making plans to make sure they are the ones the husband spends the weekend with!

Brandi and Kevin make a beautiful couple, as you see in the photos linked below, and here's hoping to a lovely Valentine's day date for them. Garnett's NBA contract should bring a lot of flowers and chocolates.

Kevin Garnett Wedding: Trumped Olympic Games)


Kevin married Brandi Padilla, his long time girlfriend, in August 2004. She joins a long list of hot NBA wives. Personally, I think she is absolutely gorgeous! Just check the photo below and see for yourself. Brandi Padilla is the sister-in-law of record producer Jimmy Jam. Jimmy is married to Brandi's older sister, Lisa Padilla. Garnett married long time girlfriend Brandi Padilla during a private ceremony in California...

Kevin Garnett Wedding: Trumped Olympic Games

Posted at February 10, 2010 5:11 AM