February 11, 2010

Robert Kissel: $18 Million Inheritance Tug of War? (NEWS)

The children of Nancy Kissel stand to inherit an $18 million dollar fortune, but the story behind their inheritance makes it a bit less glamorous than it sounds. The children are due to receive the inheritance because their multimillionaire father was killed by their mother, in an incident that made big news as the "milkshake murder" and continues to play out in courts 7 years after it happened. This is why they are now known as the $18 million dollar orphans.

The question of who should have custody of these kids and raise them from now on has also been a contentious one They at first moved on to the brother of their late father, Andrew Kissel, but he soon became embroiled in a scandal of his own, a multi-million dollar financial scandal where he was accused of a real estate scam. This led to the sister of the family, Jane Kissel, to take her brther to court insisting she could take better care, and now Jane is managing that $18 million fortune and is expected to take custody of the kids. Hopefully things can be stable for those children from now on.

Robert Kissel: $18 Million Inheritance Tug of War?


But what about the Kissel children? They'd inherited their father's estate but they were now the $18 million dollar orphans. They lived for a time with Robert's brother Andrew and his wife Hayley Kissel in upscale Greenwich, Connecticut. But then another scandal. In New York, Andrew was indicted in a multi-million dollar real estate scam. His soon to be ex-wife Hayley said she'd be glad to take the kids and their fortune. That's when Robert and Andrew's sister, Jane Kissel Clayton of Mercer Island, stepped in. With Andrew and Hayley's marriage and finances in shambles,...New York judge recently named Jane Clayton the children's temporary guardian.

Robert Kissel: $18 Million Inheritance Tug of War?

Posted at February 11, 2010 5:59 PM