February 11, 2010

Nancy Kissel Improper Questions Hearsay Evidence (NEWS)

Lawyers for Nancy Kissel argued vehemently that she should not have been convicted on "hearsay evidence and improper questions", in the "milkshake murder" case that made big news when Kissel was accused of killing her husband in Hong Kong, where she lived as an American expat.

Prosecutors in the case said Kissel and her husband had been having marital trouble for a long time in their home in Hong Kong, and her husband had even put her under surveillance because of his suspicions about her. And the prosecutors said she made a premeditated plan to kill him in cold blood, because of their marital strife, and also because she was set up to be the beneficiary in his will. The husband had been speaking with divorce lawyers and his attorneys about seeking a divorce, according to reports. Kissel went on to be known as "the milkshake murderer", and continues to be in the news to this day as her legal drama plays out with her defense attorneys seeking to get the conviction overturned.

Nancy Kissel Improper Questions Hearsay Evidence

A Merrill Lynch investment banker was slain by his unfaithful wife in an act of
A lawyer for Nancy Kissel, an American expatriate sentenced to life in prison for murdering her investment banker husband, made a final appeal for her freedom Thursday in a Hong Kong courtroom. A decision is expected in a few weeks. In the event that her conviction is overturned, the prosecution said it would seek a retrial. Ms. Kissel, a Michigan native, gained international notoriety after admitting to killing her husband, a senior banker with Merrill Lynch, in 2003. She has been in jail since her conviction in September 2005 after a widely publicized three-month trial that dominated conversation in Hong Kong's expatriate circles...

Nancy Kissel Improper Questions Hearsay Evidence

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