March 17, 2010

Principal posts 'F' List, Parents Mad

A principal in Wisconsin has angered many parents by positing the names of his students that were failing, on his office door.

The Principal says he was trying to inspire them to work harder and step it up, and he says this was a success.

But parents say this was unfair embarrassment and shame to their children

According to some parents who spoke out publicly posting these grades violated federal law, as well as humiliating the kids.

The principal says that of the hundred students on the list, half of them turned in homework that had been due, because of the list he posted.

Principal posts 'F' List

A middle school principal in Wisconsin is under investigation after he posted the names of students with failing grades on his door. Marshfield Middle School Principal Dave Schoepke posted a list with student's name, their class, teacher and their F grade for all to see. Principal Schoepke says his goal was to get his students to turn in their assignment or projects in order to attend tonight's school dance.

Principal posts 'F' List

Posted at March 17, 2010 10:00 AM